CIVIL CALENDAR For Friday, December 06, 2019

1100 Union Street, San Diego, California 92101, 619-450-7275
330 W. Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101, 619-450-7275

Effective November 5, 2012, the court will no longer provide court reporters in civil matters.To see the full policy and/or to arrange and pay for a certified shorthand reporter, go to the Court Reporter page at information.

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Dept. 1301 O'NEILL, ROBERT F. Dept. 2004                          Dept. 903 RUBIN, DAVID
  C-60                            C-61                            C-63                         
Dept.1301: O'NEILL, ROBERT F. 1100 Union St. ,San Diego,CA,92101   
09:00 AM37-2019-00019892-SC-SC-CTLTrial De NovoLeonard Wilson II vs. Cindy Marie Wilson [IMAGED]
Dept.2004:   1100 Union St. ,San Diego,CA,92101   
10:00 AM37-2019-00020517-CU-CO-CTLSettlement Conference (Civil)7220 Trade Street Property LLC vs PHP-Team USA [IMAGED]
Dept.903:  RUBIN, DAVID 1100 Union St. ,San Diego,CA,92101   
09:00 AM37-2014-00014550-CL-CL-CTLOpposition to Claim of Exemption - Levy (Civil)FIA CARD SERVICES N.A. vs. EGGERT[IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2019-00051067-CU-JR-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)GAMIO VS ONSURER [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2019-00053297-CU-JR-CTLOSC - Why Case Should Not be DismissedOULANYAH VS NSONGA [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2019-00055927-CU-WM-CTLEx ParteMichael Epstein vs. State of California Department of Motor Vehicles [IMAGED]
Dept.C-60:   330 West Broadway ,San Diego,CA,92101   
08:35 AM37-2019-00016663-CL-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceLindsey vs Trigueros [IMAGED]
08:35 AM37-2019-00032713-CL-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceMG Waterleaf Apartments SHL LLC vs Brower [IMAGED]
08:35 AM37-2019-00049286-CL-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceHCA Sommerset Ltd vs Perry [IMAGED]
08:35 AM37-2019-00050865-CL-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceJennifer Holt successor Trustee of the Edward I Mondane Trust UDT dated September 8 1993 VS Knight [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00033208-CL-BC-CTLCivil Court TrialBridgeport Properties LLC vs Ross [IMAGED] [SHRIVER]
Dept.C-61:   330 West Broadway ,San Diego,CA,92101   
08:30 AM37-2019-00057221-CU-PT-CTLHearing on Restraining OrderEmergency Protective Order of Lance Anthony Cameron [IMAGED]
08:35 AM37-2019-00010588-CL-BC-CTLOSC - Why Case Should Not be DismissedMoreno vs Carson [IMAGED]
08:35 AM37-2019-00020213-CL-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceMedof vs Watson [IMAGED]
08:35 AM37-2019-00027397-CL-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceTORRES vs DUENAS JR [IMAGED]
08:35 AM37-2019-00038700-CL-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceREC Properties II LLC vs Lema [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2019-00035942-CU-PT-CTLHearing on Restraining OrderPetition for Change of Name of Vassell [IMAGED][VOIDED]
09:00 AM37-2019-00035942-CU-PT-CTLHearing on Petition to Stop Elder/Dependent Adult AbusePetition for Change of Name of Vassell [IMAGED][VOIDED]
Dept.C-63:   330 West Broadway ,San Diego,CA,92101   
08:00 AM37-2019-00022804-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialBalboa Thrift and Loan Association vs. Chaneece Ware [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2019-00024929-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialOportun Inc Vs Salas [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2019-00024941-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialOportun Inc Vs Olvera [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2019-00025092-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialKwikCash Inc vs. Daniel Rico [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2019-00025133-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialOportun Inc Vs Almaraz [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2019-00025136-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialAll-Hours Flood & Plumbing Services vs Travaine [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2019-00029707-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialDejuan I White vs. Mariamhell Medina-Ramos White [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2019-00042997-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialBlackwood vs Sorensen [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2019-00045110-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialFrancisco T Rodriguez vs. Wesley J Horn [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2019-00046158-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialThe Diehl Group Architects Inc vs Walker [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2019-00046334-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialLeonard Bangs vs. Tupac Amaru Gutierrez [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2019-00046336-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialLeonard Bangs vs. Christian Uriostegui [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2019-00046445-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialAntwine Velazquez vs. Nicklas P Jorgensen [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2019-00046543-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialNunez vs RS&R Inc [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2019-00046603-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialPoint Loma Credit Union vs Mendoza [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2019-00046634-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialCesilio A Sandoval vs. Eduardo Zeiss [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2019-00046639-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialCallahan Firm APC vs Bolton [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2019-00046649-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialLumir R Havlat vs. Jake Prest [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2019-00046666-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialGaytan vs Carrasco [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2019-00046687-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialChen vs Fehrenbach [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2019-00046700-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialOportun Inc vs Green [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2019-00046707-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialOportun Inc vs. Michael Lamarr Mcpherson [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2019-00046717-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialOportun Inc vs Quiroz [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2019-00052363-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialTessada vs Noles [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2019-00055312-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialLeon Youngblood vs. Wawanesa General Insurance Company [IMAGED]
01:00 PM37-2019-00026606-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialLendify Financial LLC vs Jorge [IMAGED]
01:00 PM37-2019-00028688-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialRolando Rodriguz vs. Silvia Alvarez [IMAGED]
01:00 PM37-2019-00029144-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialDuran Vs Walker [IMAGED]
01:00 PM37-2019-00032986-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialQuinten Lewis vs. MTS Trolley [IMAGED]
01:00 PM37-2019-00045563-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialSuresh Naval Mehta vs. Guardian Piazza D'Oro LLC [IMAGED]
01:00 PM37-2019-00046161-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialBBBB Bonding Corporation vs Padilla [IMAGED]
01:00 PM37-2019-00046167-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialBBBB Bonding Corporation vs Garcia [IMAGED]
01:00 PM37-2019-00046168-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialBBBB Bonding Corporation vs Kendrick [IMAGED]
01:00 PM37-2019-00046573-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialLiliana Moreno Bautista vs. Melissa Itzel Herrera [IMAGED]
01:00 PM37-2019-00046631-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialHelen Hill vs. Wendy Hoang [IMAGED]
01:00 PM37-2019-00046642-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialEvelyn Overturf Co-Trustee of The Asmus Family Trust B vs. Raymond Morales [IMAGED]
01:00 PM37-2019-00046690-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialWeisgerber vs City of Escondido [IMAGED]
01:00 PM37-2019-00046692-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialCasamento vs AT&T Corp [IMAGED]
01:00 PM37-2019-00046712-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialLynn vs Rofano [IMAGED]
01:00 PM37-2019-00046726-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialSonya Lucas-Roberts vs. Wheels Financial Group LLC [IMAGED]
01:00 PM37-2019-00046746-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialOportun Inc vs. Clara Luz Fragozo [IMAGED]
01:00 PM37-2019-00046750-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialOportun Inc vs. Miriam Alejandra Hernandez Solares [IMAGED]
01:00 PM37-2019-00046752-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialKaufold vs Mendoza [IMAGED]
01:00 PM37-2019-00046753-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialBarron Income Tax and Auto Registration LLC vs Barclay [IMAGED]
01:00 PM37-2019-00046756-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialRosa Mendoza vs. Randy Johnson [IMAGED]
01:00 PM37-2019-00046763-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialSoto vs Pham [IMAGED]
01:00 PM37-2019-00046857-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialRobert Pavon vs. JKC Palm Springs Automotive Inc [IMAGED]
01:00 PM37-2019-00054307-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialDavid Hanzal vs. Solar Care Inc [IMAGED]
Dept.C-64: MEYER, JOHN S. 330 West Broadway ,San Diego,CA,92101   
09:00 AM37-2018-00018295-CU-PA-CTLCivil Jury TrialPettway vs Castenda [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2019-00001847-CU-PO-CTLCivil Jury TrialPeck vs Peck [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2018-00006552-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferencePacific Western Bank vs Horta [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2018-00054748-CU-FR-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)Mazyck vs RNL Automotive LLC [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00023432-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceSan Diego Granite Inc Reno Contracting Inc [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00028419-CL-CL-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceDiscover Bank vs Jeffries [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00030926-CU-MM-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceRodriguez vs Prime Healthcare Paradise Valley LLC [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00031852-CU-DF-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceDog & Rooster Inc vs Green [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00031897-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceSmith vs. Batterton [IMAGED]
09:45 AM37-2019-00012144-CU-PL-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceWharton vs The Marlin Firearms Company [IMAGED]
09:45 AM37-2019-00032032-CU-BT-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceArjang Babaknia Esmaelzadeh vs. AGCC Enterprises Inc [IMAGED]
09:45 AM37-2019-00032091-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceBell vs Deshotels [IMAGED]
09:45 AM37-2019-00032165-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceEvans vs Hughes Marino INC [IMAGED]
09:45 AM37-2019-00032250-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceLimber vs Heflin Construction Corporation [IMAGED]
09:45 AM37-2019-00032272-CU-MM-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceKormicki vs The Regents of The University Of California UCSD Health System [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00019090-CL-CL-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceBeacon Sales Acquisition Inc vs. Mathews [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00024717-CL-CL-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceBarclays Bank Delaware vs Paul [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00032352-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceNavy Federal Credit Union vs Kerr [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00032439-CL-OR-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceFoundation Building Materials LLC vs Herrera [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00032798-CU-OE-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceWalker vs. Total Zen Commercial LLC [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2013-00043371-CU-OR-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Otay Land Company LLC v Testate and Intestate Successors of the Shareholders of Southern California Mountain Water Company [Imaged]
10:30 AM37-2017-00039468-CU-BC-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Shamoon vs BMW of North America LLC [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2018-00042819-CU-OE-CTLDiscovery HearingMeisenheimer vs SCRIPPS EXECUTIVE HEALTH MEDICAL GROUP INC [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2018-00063657-CU-PA-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Soto vs Mitroff [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2018-00065755-CU-CR-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Rutherford vs VILLAGE 1017 CORONADO INC [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00005022-CU-FR-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)PCP-Sundance LP vs Kim [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00020342-CU-NP-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceDunsmore vs. Appellate Defenders Inc [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00020342-CU-NP-CTLMotion to Quash (Civil)Dunsmore vs. Appellate Defenders Inc [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00026097-CU-BT-CTLDiscovery HearingMartinez vs Fuji's Aladdin Flowers LLC [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00032032-CU-BT-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Arjang Babaknia Esmaelzadeh vs. AGCC Enterprises Inc [IMAGED]
02:00 PM37-2019-00007894-CL-BC-CTLCivil Court TrialSherman vs Lynn Morris Interirors [IMAGED
Dept.C-65: FRAZIER, RONALD F. 330 West Broadway ,San Diego,CA,92101   
08:30 AM37-2016-00024980-CU-BC-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Mikelson Yachts Inc vs DiGrado [IMAGED]
08:30 AM37-2018-00010549-CU-MM-CTLSummary Judgment / Summary Adjudication (Civil)Gutierrez vs Smile San Diego [IMAGED]
08:30 AM37-2018-00026438-CU-PO-CTLDiscovery HearingEstate of Jacob Marshall vs The Crosby Clinic LLC [IMAGED]
08:30 AM37-2018-00026438-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceEstate of Jacob Marshall vs The Crosby Clinic LLC [IMAGED]
08:30 AM37-2018-00026438-CU-PO-CTLDemurrer / Motion to StrikeEstate of Jacob Marshall vs The Crosby Clinic LLC [IMAGED]
08:30 AM37-2018-00044438-CU-BC-CTLDemurrer / Motion to StrikeRonald E Stadtmueller the Chapter 7 Trustee for Leucadia Group LLC vs. Hill Kertscher & Wharton LLP
08:30 AM37-2018-00044999-CU-IC-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Martinez vs Onguard (Kemper) [E-FILE]
08:30 AM37-2018-00056184-CU-BC-CTLDiscovery HearingKettner Investments LLC vs Kriebel [IMAGED]
08:30 AM37-2019-00003807-CU-OE-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Tapia vs Frank Motors Inc [E-FILE]
08:30 AM37-2019-00035669-CU-OR-CTLDemurrer / Motion to StrikeMorgan vs County of San Diego [IMAGED]
08:30 AM37-2019-00035760-CU-PO-CTLDemurrer / Motion to StrikeHANSEN vs MONTALVO PL PROPERTY LLC
10:00 AM37-2018-00028063-CU-MM-CTLTrial Readiness Conference (Civil)FUENTES VS HUSSAINY [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2018-00061911-CU-PA-CTLTrial Readiness Conference (Civil)CANDIA VS. HERNANDEZ [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00002988-CU-BC-CTLTrial Readiness Conference (Civil)Personal Energy Finance Inc vs Best Value Home Remodeling Inc [IMAGED]
10:15 AM37-2019-00003621-CU-IC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceState Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company vs Rico [IMAGED]
10:15 AM37-2019-00029729-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceMillion vs American Honda Motor Co Inc [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2017-00046835-CU-PA-CTLOSC - Why Case Should Not be DismissedNoori vs McCoy [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00028867-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceATRISCO VS RUIZ-GALVEZ [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00029833-CU-OE-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceLeon vs San Diego Granite Inc [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00029838-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceMeridian PO Finance LLC vs Wave TSG Inc [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00029862-CU-NP-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceFranklin vs Tho [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00029977-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceAhrens vs Ayala [IMAGED]
10:45 AM37-2017-00042681-CU-OE-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)Hitchko vs National Personal Training Institute of Southern California Inc [E-File]
10:45 AM37-2019-00004253-CL-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceYaghouti vs Sam [IMAGED]
10:45 AM37-2019-00028799-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceParks vs Corcetti [IMAGED]
10:45 AM37-2019-00030094-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceMeza vs.Murphy [IMAGED]
10:45 AM37-2019-00030121-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceVidal vs Police Dept San Diego [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2018-00061444-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceKearney vs Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Parish Lakeside in Lakeside [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2019-00015955-CU-OR-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)3777 Ruffin Road LLC vs Kaiser Foundation Health Plan Inc [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2019-00019091-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceLaChusa vs FAA Poway H Inc [IMAGED]
11:15 AM37-2013-00067999-CU-BC-CTLOSC - Why Case Should Not be DismissedAndy Khuu vs. Bao Nguyen [IMAGED]
11:15 AM37-2019-00030748-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceCampbell vs Nazarenus [IMAGED]
11:15 AM37-2019-00030832-CU-WT-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceEagle vs Edco Waste & Recycling Services Inc [IMAGED]
11:15 AM37-2019-00030872-CL-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceKentucky Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company vs Borja [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2018-00020063-CL-CL-CTLCivil Court TrialVelocity Investments LLC vs. Joseph [IMAGED]
Dept.C-67: STURGEON, EDDIE C 330 West Broadway ,San Diego,CA,92101   
08:30 AM37-2015-00023732-CU-FR-CTLCivil Jury TrialDOE vs. RODMEL [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2012-00065394-CU-BC-ECMotion Hearing (Civil)Anthony Russell vs. Steve Mason [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2012-00065394-CU-BC-ECJudgment Debtor Exam (Civil)Anthony Russell vs. Steve Mason [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2015-00023413-CU-MC-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Mark Coziahr vs Otay Water District [E-File]
09:00 AM37-2016-00038444-CU-BC-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Michael J Beveridge vs. Makeover Max Inc [Imaged]
09:00 AM37-2017-00024091-CU-PA-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Michael Tanner Thoren vs. Bradley John Wessels [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2018-00056496-CL-CL-CTLDiscovery HearingAsset Capital Recovery Group LLC vs. Newton [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2019-00024475-CU-OE-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceBeltran vs Compass Bank [EFILE]
09:00 AM37-2019-00049034-CU-UD-CTLEx PartePiazza Carmel LLC VS Moreno [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2019-00049034-CU-UD-CTLSummary Judgment (UD)Piazza Carmel LLC VS Moreno [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2018-00024466-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceLupercio vs Bodega Latina/El Super [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2018-00034943-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceMEEHAN vs MOLLAR [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2018-00045119-CU-MC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferencePlatas vs Omidi [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2018-00045198-CU-PN-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceMenagh vs Thorn [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2018-00047974-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceInhale Inc vs Bahari Brothers LLC [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2018-00064811-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceSunbelt Rentals Inc vs. Aligned Traffic Management LLC [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2018-00065588-CU-BT-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceSan Diego University for Integrative Studies Inc vs DOES 1 [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00002624-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceBenito Zuniga vs Buckingham Manufacturing Co Inc [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00005648-CL-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceAdrian Romero vs Juan Manuel Camacho [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00007075-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceAbsolution Brewing Company LLC vs Absolution by the Sea LLC [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00007998-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceJessop vs Ferreira [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00016072-CL-UM-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceEMPLOYERS MUTUAL CASUALTY COMPANY vs ZOLLA [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00016153-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceLaboy vs Adler [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00016280-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceState Compensation Insurance Fund vs Hearn [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00016661-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceJuarez vs San Diego Unified Schhol District [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00016700-CL-CR-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceGay vs Chronic Tacos No 102 [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00016736-CU-UM-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceInterinsurance Exchange of the Auto Club vs Gazaway [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00016860-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceTerra Bella Nursery INC vs Granite State Insurance Company [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2013-00069551-CU-CL-ECStatus Conference (Civil)Wells Fargo Bank vs. Taylor [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2014-00038522-CU-BC-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)Callahan vs. Ami Adini Associates Inc [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2016-00005499-CU-OE-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)Chou vs. Palomar Importer & Wholesaler Co Inc [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2018-00054459-CU-PA-CTLOSC - Why Case Should Not be DismissedAlfonso vs. Costco Wholesale Corporation [imaged]
01:30 PM37-2018-00064857-CU-PO-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)Veronica Schmidt by and through her Personal Representative Successor In Interest Mark Schmidt vs Does one thorugh ten [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00007385-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceWohlfeil vs SUNPOWER CORPORATION [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00013442-CL-PO-CTLOSC - Why Case Should Not be DismissedHoward vs. Jackson [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00049034-CU-UD-CTLUnlawful Detainer Court TrialPiazza Carmel LLC VS Moreno [IMAGED]
Dept.C-68: WHITNEY, RICHARD S. 330 West Broadway ,San Diego,CA,92101   
08:30 AM37-2019-00016018-CU-BC-CTLJudgment Debtor Exam (Civil)HIGH COUNTRY PLAZA LLC vs TAKAHIRO INC [IMAGED]
09:15 AM37-2018-00023369-CU-PO-CTLTrial Readiness Conference (Civil)Christopher Williams vs David Arambula [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2016-00042629-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceAmerican Claims Management Inc vs. Quality Research and Replacement Services Inc [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2017-00015628-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceCurtis Burgess vs Michael Anthony Alvarez [Imaged]
09:30 AM37-2018-00015752-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceFlowers vs Vons Headquarters [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2018-00025369-CU-NP-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceCHENG vs POWELL WORKS INC [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2018-00043515-CU-MM-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceKinnon vs Jaski MD [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00003787-CL-CL-CTLOSC - SanctionsPortfolio Recovery Associates LLC vs Rabb [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00003787-CL-CL-CTLCivil Case Management ConferencePortfolio Recovery Associates LLC vs Rabb [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00003888-CU-OE-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceRossi vs. Silver Strand Post No 5477 Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00003967-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceBraun vs. Stephens MD [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00007179-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceGonzalez vs Gutierrez [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00008913-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceCortez vs Sellam [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00010823-CL-CL-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceMidland Funding LLC vs Carrasco [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00014438-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceSanchez vs Acosta [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00014438-CU-PA-CTLOSC - Why Case Should Not be DismissedSanchez vs Acosta [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00015885-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceAlkhafaji vs Roman [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00016713-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceKongawi vs Tavares [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00016884-CU-BT-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceUnited Education Institute vs Ryan & Daniels LLC [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00018328-CL-PN-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceCedeno vs Mid-City Police Department of San Diego [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00021829-CU-BC-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)MondayOne LLC vs Greater Apostolic Faith Temple Church [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00024647-CU-FR-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceKermit Clum as Personal Representative of the Estate of Guy Clum as Trustee of the Guy C Clum Trust Dated Just 8 1994 as restated in full on October 12 2018 vs Mayorquin [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2016-00020327-CU-OE-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)Escobar vs. University of California San Diego [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2016-00036304-CU-OE-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)Benjamin Lopez vs. Pancho Villas Inc [EFILE]
10:00 AM37-2016-00042672-CU-PL-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)Diaz vs Nguyen [E-FILE]
10:00 AM37-2017-00002928-CU-OR-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceRandolph W Thompson vs. Darby Group [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2017-00015960-CL-PA-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)Elizabeth Raley vs. Carrie Lynn Diaz [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2018-00016360-CU-OE-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)Guillen vs Pancho Villas Inc [Imaged]
10:00 AM37-2018-00020311-CU-OE-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)Suarez vs Pancho Villa's Inc [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2018-00024156-CU-OE-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)ANGELICA ROMERO vs. PANCHO VILLAS INC [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2018-00028497-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceThomas vs Martinez [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2018-00033322-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceAndrews vs Metropolitan Transit System [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2018-00037932-CU-MC-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)Hillsborough Development Company LLC vs. IRA Resources Inc [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2018-00038405-CU-OE-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)MORALES vs PANCHO VILLA'S INC [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2018-00039954-CU-PO-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)Sussman vs Martinez [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2018-00055181-CL-CL-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceCach LLC vs. Rodriguez [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2018-00057093-CU-FR-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)Ashley Cardenas vs Nekzad Auto Inc [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2018-00058788-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceHathaway vs Davis Stone Inc [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2018-00067214-CU-WT-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)Julie Su California State Labor Commissioner Division of Labor Standards Enforcement Department of Industrial Relations State of California on behalf of the People of the State of California vs Dorantes Inc [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00001735-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceGONZALEZ vs AUSTIN [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00001757-CU-BT-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)IRMA ELIZALDE vs. Vivint Solar Inc [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00001896-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceHomoki vs City of El Cajon [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00004481-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceBuffington vs Hesketh [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00009517-CL-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceSan Diego Gas & Electric Company vs Diaz Gonzalez [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00010786-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceDeja vs Haratinia [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00014442-CL-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceMANN vs LOPEZ [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00014442-CL-BC-CTLOSC - Why Case Should Not be DismissedMANN vs LOPEZ [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00014537-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceBurdick vs. Burdick [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00014537-CU-PA-CTLOSC - Why Case Should Not be DismissedBurdick vs. Burdick [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00015293-CU-IC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceGillen vs Progressive Insurance Co [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00017274-CL-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceDePhilippis vs Kobrin [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00017335-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceKrizan Associates Inc vs Pereira [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00017388-CU-FR-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceDaniels vs Premo [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00021614-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceBarbara Laskaris-Lorigan vs. Source One Electrical Inc [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2016-00002761-CU-DF-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Boy vs Zimmer Inc [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2018-00030469-CU-BC-CTLDiscovery HearingTaber vs Dorado [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2018-00030469-CU-BC-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Taber vs Dorado [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00012673-CU-MC-CTLDemurrer / Motion to StrikeSoofi vs Javidan [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00012673-CU-MC-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Soofi vs Javidan [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00021080-CU-BC-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Westburg vs. Good Life Advisors LLC [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00022902-CU-PO-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)James Smith by and through his Successor in Interest Staajabu Heshimu vs Front Porch Communities Operating Group LLC [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00029177-CU-PO-CTLDemurrer / Motion to StrikeChase vs American Multi-Cinema Inc [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00031267-CU-BC-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)National JIB Franchisee Association Inc vs Jack In The Box Inc [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2013-00044219-CU-PO-CTLMotion to DismissPatton vs. Carmel Valley Village 1 Homeowners Association [IMAGED]
Dept.C-69: BACAL, KATHERINE 330 West Broadway ,San Diego,CA,92101   
08:40 AM37-2018-00040318-CU-PA-CTLOSC - Why Case Should Not be DismissedHergesheimer vs Premier Transportation LLC [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2017-00031325-CU-PO-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)Jose Bolanos vs. Antonio Guzman [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2017-00043460-CU-OR-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)Gemma A Dela Rosa vs Lorri-Anne V Tucay-Soriano [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2017-00043492-CU-BC-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)Bell vs JPL Construction Inc [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2017-00047130-CL-PA-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)Isidro VS Vazquez [Imaged]
09:00 AM37-2018-00003328-CU-BC-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)BMO Harris Bank NA vs SASVE International [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2018-00056122-CU-FR-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceMann vs Fleming [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2019-00007400-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceSokol vs Miller [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2019-00007400-CU-PA-CTLOSC - SanctionsSokol vs Miller [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2019-00012882-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceGreenwich West Inc vs Hsieh [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2019-00013596-CL-UM-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceAMERICAN FAMILY MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY VS FORD [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2019-00017504-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceThe People of the State of California vs Southern San Diego Property LLC [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2018-00045199-CL-CL-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceWells Fargo Bank NA vs Souza [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2018-00045199-CL-CL-CTLOSC - SanctionsWells Fargo Bank NA vs Souza [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00011086-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceOstenbridge vs De Leon Manuel [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00023203-CL-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceFalls Lake National Insurance Company vs. Tavern and Bowl LLC [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00023250-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceMartinez Mireles vs Metz [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00023287-CL-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceCorona Medical Inc vs Prudencio [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00023438-CL-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceMain Street Commercial vs Maura Kelly Administrator of the Estate of William James Kelly [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00023531-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceCurtis-Belmar vs Galindo [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00027509-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceBrown vs Todhunter [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2016-00001352-CU-WT-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)Gonzalez Beltran vs Valentinos Restaurant Holdings Inc [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00000298-CU-CL-CTLOSC - Why Case Should Not be DismissedLopez vs pdq investments [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00000298-CU-CL-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceLopez vs pdq investments [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00023731-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceSherratt vs Correia [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00023763-CL-IC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceState Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company vs Castillo [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00023826-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceToma vs Sulaiman [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00023988-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceBrownlee vs The City Of San Diego [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00024011-CL-NP-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceAllstate Insurance Company vs The Brinks Group Inc [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00024965-CU-NP-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceBishop vs Credit One Bank NA [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2018-00044002-CU-OE-CTLTrial Readiness Conference (Civil)Maxwell vs Auerbach [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2013-00076632-CU-OR-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Starcevic vs. Pentech Financial Services Inc [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2018-00018989-CU-BC-CTLDiscovery HearingNajera vs Hyundai Motor America [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2018-00039976-CU-PN-CTLDiscovery HearingBear Trucking Inc VS Gordon Rees Scully Mansukhani LLP [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2018-00039976-CU-PN-CTLOSC - SanctionsBear Trucking Inc VS Gordon Rees Scully Mansukhani LLP [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2018-00044002-CU-OE-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Maxwell vs Auerbach [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2018-00061430-CU-BC-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Rice vs FCA US LLC [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2019-00005913-CU-BC-CTLDemurrer / Motion to StrikeTheo Hanson vs Heartland Coalition [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2019-00005913-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceTheo Hanson vs Heartland Coalition [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2019-00018345-CL-UD-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)San Diego Housing Commission vs Adelia Parker [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2017-00019864-CU-TT-CTLHearing on PetitionDel Mar Alliance for the Preservation of Beach Access and Village vs City of Del Mar [E-FILE]
01:30 PM37-2018-00008020-CU-OE-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Joshua Gonzales vs Vivint Solar Developer LLC [EFile]
01:30 PM37-2019-00030739-CU-OE-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)Fort vs Vivint Solar Developer LLC [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00041371-CU-OE-CTLCivil Case Management ConferencePowell vs Vivint Solar Developer LLC [IMAGED]
Dept.C-70: TRAPP, RANDA 330 West Broadway ,San Diego,CA,92101   
09:30 AM37-2017-00020720-CU-PA-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)Abdelazis Bello Rodriguez vs. City of San Diego [EFILE]
09:30 AM37-2017-00031549-CU-OR-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)RAUL ANTONIO ASCENCIO vs. MARIA LETICIA ASCENCIO [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00023174-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceLee vs Tincu [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00028530-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceBautista vs. Miller Supply Inc [IMAGED]
09:40 AM37-2019-00012826-CL-CR-CTLOSC - Why Case Should Not be DismissedBowman vs Botellos Fruit Bar [IMAGED]
09:40 AM37-2019-00012826-CL-CR-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceBowman vs Botellos Fruit Bar [IMAGED]
09:40 AM37-2019-00018911-CU-MC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceTheroux vs Royal Shell Gas INC [IMAGED]
09:40 AM37-2019-00023582-CU-CL-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceYeghnazary vs Tedesco [IMAGED]
09:40 AM37-2019-00032624-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceKaldor vs Garden Communities [IMAGED]
09:50 AM37-2019-00009101-CU-PA-CTLOSC - Why Case Should Not be DismissedBojja vs Reyes [IMAGED]
09:50 AM37-2019-00009101-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceBojja vs Reyes [IMAGED]
09:50 AM37-2019-00018123-CU-PO-CTLOSC - Why Case Should Not be DismissedRodulfo vs Costco Wholesale Corporation [IMAGED]
09:50 AM37-2019-00023659-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceSan Diego County Regional Airport Authority vs Coronado Transportation Systems Inc [IMAGED]
09:50 AM37-2019-00024210-CU-FR-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceHay vs Marinkovich [IMAGED]
09:50 AM37-2019-00029413-CU-CL-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceCapital One Bank USA NA vs Murray [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2017-00024423-CU-NP-CTLOSC - Failure to Request Entry of DefaultDana Klaft vs Leon G Lopez [Imaged]
10:00 AM37-2019-00013592-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferencePerez vs Hansen [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00022771-CU-PO-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)Cruz vs San Diego County Credit Union [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00024222-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceDavid vs Daniel [IMAGED]
10:10 AM37-2019-00008699-CU-PA-CTLOSC - Why Case Should Not be DismissedGonzalez vs Inchaurregui [IMAGED]
10:10 AM37-2019-00008699-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceGonzalez vs Inchaurregui [IMAGED]
10:10 AM37-2019-00011426-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceKeck vs Cabrera [IMAGED]
10:10 AM37-2019-00011426-CU-PA-CTLOSC - Failure to Request Entry of DefaultKeck vs Cabrera [IMAGED]
10:10 AM37-2019-00015751-CU-PN-CTLOSC - Why Case Should Not be DismissedFranklin Sr. vs. Newsome [IMAGED]
10:10 AM37-2019-00019785-CU-PA-CTLOSC - Why Case Should Not be DismissedTOMERLIN vs PHILLIPS [IMAGED]
10:10 AM37-2019-00019785-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceTOMERLIN vs PHILLIPS [IMAGED]
10:10 AM37-2019-00019785-CU-PA-CTLOSC - Non-SanctionTOMERLIN vs PHILLIPS [IMAGED]
10:10 AM37-2019-00024300-CU-WT-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceWilkins vs Ruckle Construction Inc [IMAGED]
10:10 AM37-2019-00024447-CU-OR-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceSOUTHCO PROPERTIES LP vs S&R RESTAURANTS INC [IMAGED]
10:10 AM37-2019-00024452-CL-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceMiller vs Monroe [IMAGED]
10:20 AM37-2019-00024075-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceMaldonado vs Allen [IMAGED]
10:20 AM37-2019-00024864-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceRicarte vs FCA US LLC [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2014-00032631-CU-CL-CTLOSC - Why Case Should Not be DismissedGALAXY INTL PURCHASING LLC vs. GREEN [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2018-00046079-CL-CL-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceThe Sullivan Group of Court Reporters INC vs Law Offices of James Byrnes [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2018-00064521-CU-BC-CTLOSC - Non-SanctionOxford Investment Group vs Katherine Cosmetics Inc [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2018-00064521-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceOxford Investment Group vs Katherine Cosmetics Inc [IMAGED]
10:55 AM37-2019-00019641-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceITK Diagnostics BV vs Biolegend Inc [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2010-00104020-CU-CL-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)INVESTMENT RETRIEVERS INC vs. Gary C Gelinas [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2017-00025085-CU-PA-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company vs Pralle [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2018-00002360-CU-PO-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Matthew Charvat vs. San Diego Family Housing LLC [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2018-00046564-CU-PA-CTLMotion to Quash (Civil)Mathews vs. Frisch [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2018-00055377-CL-PL-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceMarron vs FCA US LLC [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2018-00055377-CL-PL-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Marron vs FCA US LLC [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2018-00061261-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceRichardson MD vs. American College of Radiology [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2018-00061261-CU-BC-CTLDemurrer / Motion to StrikeRichardson MD vs. American College of Radiology [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2018-00063990-CU-FR-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceWang vs Fang [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2018-00063990-CU-FR-CTLOSC - Why Case Should Not be DismissedWang vs Fang [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2018-00063990-CU-FR-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Wang vs Fang [IMAGED]
Dept.C-71: POLLACK, GREGORY W 330 West Broadway ,San Diego,CA,92101   
08:00 AM37-2018-00045599-CL-CL-CTLCivil Court TrialCitibank N A vs Humphrey [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2018-00051985-CL-CL-CTLCivil Court TrialCapital One Bank (USA) NA vs Osberg [IMAGED]
08:45 AM37-2018-00039926-CU-BC-CTLCivil Court TrialKaramanou vs Secure Roofing and Solar Inc [IMAGED]
08:45 AM37-2018-00042484-CU-PO-CTLOSC - Why Case Should Not be DismissedCepeda vs Deja Vu Inc [IMAGED]
08:45 AM37-2018-00042484-CU-PO-CTLCivil Jury TrialCepeda vs Deja Vu Inc [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2013-00050641-CU-CL-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)CACH LLC vs. Lorenzana [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2014-00017075-CU-FR-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)COFFIN vs FRESH HEALTHY VENDING LLC [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2016-00035941-CU-PO-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Gaitan vs Cafe Sevilla Incorporated [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2018-00032798-CU-WT-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Robert A Falken vs Bloom Holdings LLC [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2018-00042139-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceHistogen Inc vs Harrell [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2018-00042139-CU-BC-CTLDiscovery HearingHistogen Inc vs Harrell [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00030845-CU-MC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceTrachtenberg vs Sevilla [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00030845-CU-MC-CTLDemurrer / Motion to StrikeTrachtenberg vs Sevilla [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2011-00095848-CU-NP-CTLJudgment Debtor Exam (Civil)Chris Langer vs. Adrian E Cooper [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2017-00031374-CU-OR-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)Javier Alvarez vs Olga Montemayor [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2017-00033719-CU-WT-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)Saucedo vs Goldin [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2018-00008223-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceVanderlinde vs Mariscal [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2018-00010301-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceMartin vs Weinhaus [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2018-00010896-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceDuran vs Webb [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2018-00012001-CU-OR-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)City of El Cajon vs ASSCS LLC [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2018-00013964-CU-MC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceMorlett vs Cimmarrusti [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2018-00023825-CU-PA-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)Garcia vs Ferrell [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2018-00036640-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceSchmalle vs Patricia Prudhomme as Representative of Estate of Guy Prudhomme [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2018-00055846-CU-PN-CTLOSC - Why Case Should Not be DismissedKettner Investments LLC vs. Silverman Milligan & Booth LLP [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00004412-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceHeadway Capital LLC vs. Carco Global LLC [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00023169-CU-WT-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceO'Brien vs Davidson Hotels & Resorts LLC [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00031065-CU-OE-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceKaratas vs Dependable Highway Express [E-FILE]
01:30 PM37-2019-00032321-CU-OR-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceSuchman vs McCollum [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00032330-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceHarkiewicz vs FCA US LLC [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00032346-CL-IC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceState Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company vs Michael Post [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00032451-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceVucharatavintara vs Dibble [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00032455-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceMCCROSKY VS NISSAN NORTH AMERICA INC [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00032873-CU-DF-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceLa Jolla Alcohol Research Inc vs Cessna [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00032897-CL-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceGregorio A Torres vs. Walmart Inc [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00032973-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceMullen vs Petrie [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00033009-CU-WT-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceGutierrez vs Parts Authority Metro LLC [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00033332-CU-CO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceMatthews vs Hampton [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00033354-CU-CL-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceCapital One Bank USA NA vs Gorter [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00033360-CU-OE-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceAMAYA vs CENTRO ESTUDIOS UNIVERSITARIOS INC [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00033400-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceMunoz vs Capri By The Sea Condominium Owners Association [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00033436-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceBlanchard vs. Grossmont Shopping Center [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00033437-CU-OR-CTLCivil Case Management ConferencePalacios vs Johnson [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00033543-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceRoyer Cardinal vs Richard J Donovan Correctional Facility [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00033551-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceNATIONAL FUNDING INC vs DAVID L RAFFLE PHD INC [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00033569-CU-MC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceStieglitz-FLM Enterprises Partnership vs San Diego Taco Company Inc [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00033688-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceNEAL vs JONES [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00033727-CU-OE-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceROMERO vs BLAS [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00034105-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceNATIONAL FUNDING INC vs 3 S NETWORK INC [IMAGED]
Dept.C-72: TAYLOR, TIMOTHY 330 West Broadway ,San Diego,CA,92101   
08:30 AM37-2018-00017435-CU-PA-CTLCivil Jury TrialDong Wan Kim vs. Diane Yi [IMAGED]
08:30 AM37-2018-00052235-CU-PA-CTLOSC - Why Case Should Not be DismissedClark vs Morales [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2017-00032364-CU-BC-CTLTrial Readiness Conference (Civil)Rincon vs General Motors LLC [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2017-00049864-CU-BC-CTLTrial Readiness Conference (Civil)Thomas Nelson, Trustee of the George Sampo Trust VS Cashway Electric Supply Company [Imaged]
09:00 AM37-2018-00025303-CL-CL-CTLOSC - Why Case Should Not be DismissedMidland Funding LLC vs Schardin [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2018-00050768-CU-OE-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceDelgado vs Regency Corporate Living [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2019-00001018-CU-CL-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceUniversal Protection Service LP vs San Ysidro Chamber of Commerce [IMAGED]
09:15 AM37-2017-00034581-CU-OR-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceFederal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation vs Robert W Sedlar [IMAGED]
09:15 AM37-2019-00003164-CU-CL-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceAmerican Express National Bank Successor by Merger to American Express Bank FSB vs Jacobson [IMAGED]
09:15 AM37-2019-00013210-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceCypress Insurance Company vs Raphaels Party Rentals [IMAGED]
09:15 AM37-2019-00024425-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceStewart vs Stiles [IMAGED]
09:15 AM37-2019-00024499-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceLilley vs Silvergate Baltimore Drive La Mesa Investors LLC [IMAGED]
09:15 AM37-2019-00025568-CU-BT-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceBochenek vs M2 MEDIA GROUP LLC [IMAGED]
09:15 AM37-2019-00026840-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceCortes vs Robles [IMAGED]
09:15 AM37-2019-00027297-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceHAYDARI vs RAMIREZ [IMAGED]
09:15 AM37-2019-00030347-CU-CO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceWilliam E. Chunyk and Penny H Chunyk Individually and as Trustees of the Chunyk Living Trust Dated March 12 2013 vs Shah [IMAGED]
09:15 AM37-2019-00032416-CL-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceJames David Logan vs. Athca [IMAGED]
09:15 AM37-2019-00032704-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceFoxworthy vs Forest River Inc [IMAGED]
09:15 AM37-2019-00032723-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceGarcia vs. Hoefert [IMAGED]
09:15 AM37-2019-00033643-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceMcLoughlin vs City of San Diego [IMAGED]
09:15 AM37-2019-00049609-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceANTWINE vs HENISEY INDUSTRIES [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00008497-CL-CL-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceBank of America NA vs Jefferson [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00015572-CU-PA-CTLOSC - Why Case Should Not be DismissedLeuregans vs Bleakley [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00019108-CU-NP-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceZakaria vs Harris [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00020270-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceCypress Insurance Company administered by Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies vs Goodson [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00033230-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceAllen Family Law INC vs Cahez [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00033326-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceRAMOS vs GOMEZ [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00033342-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceSundberg vs Farley [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00033349-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceHamilton vs Anschutz Entertainment Group [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00034349-CL-IC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceState Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company vs Benitez [IMAGED]
09:45 AM37-2019-00004010-CL-CL-CTLCivil Case Management ConferencePortfolio Recovery Associates LLC vs Jasmund [IMAGED]
09:45 AM37-2019-00006201-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceEastman vs Hartley [IMAGED]
09:45 AM37-2019-00024951-CL-CL-CTLCivil Case Management ConferencePortfolio Recovery Associates LLC vs Foti [IMAGED]
09:45 AM37-2019-00033496-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceCruz vs Christian Church Disciples of Christ Pacific Southwest Region [IMAGED]
09:45 AM37-2019-00034099-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceHook vs Jimenez [IMAGED]
09:45 AM37-2019-00034189-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceAll American Logistics Inc vs Liam Transportation Inc [IMAGED]
09:45 AM37-2019-00034268-CL-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceMEAGAN WILSON VS HAMBLIN [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2018-00014044-CU-CO-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Matthew V Herron vs. The La Jollan Group LLC [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2018-00023502-CU-CL-CTLOpposition to Claim of Exemption - Wage Garnishment (Civil)Capital One Bank USA NA vs. Kutzke [Imaged]
01:30 PM37-2018-00031352-CU-PO-CTLDiscovery HearingKaimuloa vs. Insomniac Holdings LLC [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2018-00056623-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceSchmit vs Washington [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2018-00059347-CU-BC-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Graham vs USAA Casualty Insurance Company Inc [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00001843-CU-DF-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)McLARRY vs ALLEN [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00005161-CU-CL-CTLDemurrer / Motion to StrikeAmerican Express National Bank vs Alaa Ayoob [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00005658-CU-BC-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)GRUEN vs ALL PHASE CONSTRUCTION SERVICES [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00006325-CU-BT-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)De Monterey Ventures LLC vs. TDE Capital Inc [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00020525-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceRodriguez vs Heynar [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00020525-CU-PA-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Rodriguez vs Heynar [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00034470-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceCRAWFORD vs KIA Motors America Inc [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00035160-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceWBC DRYWALL INC vs AYRES GROUP [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00035160-CU-BC-CTLMotion to Quash (Civil)WBC DRYWALL INC vs AYRES GROUP [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00040719-CU-IC-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Preferred Contractors Insurance Company Risk Retention Group LLC vs Man [IMAGED]
03:00 PM37-2018-00029286-CU-PA-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Kostakos vs. Holewinski [IMAGED]
Dept.C-74: STYN, RONALD L. 330 West Broadway ,San Diego,CA,92101   
08:25 AM37-2019-00010733-CU-PA-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)HERNANDEZ vs ALEXANDRA INVESTMENT INC [IMAGED]
08:30 AM37-2015-00033538-CU-CD-CTLOSC - Why Case Should Not be DismissedChristian Griffin vs Black Mountain Ranch LLC [E-File]
08:30 AM37-2015-00033538-CU-CD-CTLSummary Judgment / Summary Adjudication (Civil)Christian Griffin vs Black Mountain Ranch LLC [E-File]
08:30 AM37-2016-00016908-CU-PO-CTLOSC - Non-SanctionArellano vs City of San Diego [IMAGED]
08:30 AM37-2016-00016908-CU-PO-CTLDemurrer / Motion to StrikeArellano vs City of San Diego [IMAGED]
08:30 AM37-2017-00011614-CU-PA-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)Banzali vs Rohling [IMAGED]
08:30 AM37-2018-00048903-CU-PO-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)JASON LIVESAY vs. JANETTA COOK ESTATE [IMAGED]
08:30 AM37-2018-00048903-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceJASON LIVESAY vs. JANETTA COOK ESTATE [IMAGED]
08:30 AM37-2019-00012396-CU-PN-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)BERARDINO vs AGUIRRE & SEVERSON LLP [IMAGED]
08:30 AM37-2019-00032401-CU-BC-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Wehbe vs Greenwood Memorial Park & Mortuary [IMAGED]
08:30 AM37-2019-00032401-CU-BC-CTLDemurrer / Motion to StrikeWehbe vs Greenwood Memorial Park & Mortuary [IMAGED]
08:30 AM37-2019-00032401-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceWehbe vs Greenwood Memorial Park & Mortuary [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2016-00035970-CU-OE-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)DeLesa Hughes vs MUFG Union Bank NA [Imaged]
09:30 AM37-2018-00008034-CU-CO-CTLCivil Court TrialPlymouth Holdings I LLC vs Omninet Alvarado LLC [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2018-00027286-CU-BC-CTLTrial Readiness Conference (Civil)Jeffrey Mach vs Jack Makhlouf [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2018-00035637-CL-PO-CTLTrial Readiness Conference (Civil)Vejar vs Dehseraei [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00007636-CU-PN-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceLoomer vs. Punta [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00031235-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceBlocker vs Rios [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00031371-CU-OE-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceOntiveros vs Jerome's Furniture Warehouse [E-FILE]
10:00 AM37-2019-00031378-CU-DF-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceMariscal vs Fuller [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00031542-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceGodoy Aguirre vs Meyers [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2018-00050728-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceWillie R Jackson vs Ricardo Gazcon [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00003363-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceWarren-Taylor vs. Palomar Health [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00017066-CL-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceAndreu-Benito vs Gutierrez [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00023427-CU-WT-CTLOSC - SanctionsBerger vs Antonyan Miranda LLP [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00023427-CU-WT-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceBerger vs Antonyan Miranda LLP [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00031923-CU-WE-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceHarlston vs. New Alternatives Inc [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00032322-CU-OR-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceCOMMUNITY AT CARNEGIE LLC vs HALL/FISH INVESTMENTS INC [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00032370-CU-MM-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceMichon vs Ostrup [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2018-00039961-SC-SC-CTLTrial De NovoKhaleel vs Duffy [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2018-00052510-CU-OE-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)Miranda vs The Lloyd Pest Control Co [E-FILE]
11:00 AM37-2019-00016195-CU-PO-CTLOSC - Why Case Should Not be DismissedOhio Security Insurance Company vs Calas [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2019-00036605-CU-BC-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)Cole vs. KIA Motors America Inc [IMAGED]
02:00 PM37-2013-00055830-CU-PL-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Anthony Shamrell vs Apple Inc [E-File]
02:00 PM37-2013-00055830-CU-PL-CTLOSC - Non-SanctionAnthony Shamrell vs Apple Inc [E-File]
02:00 PM37-2017-00010633-CU-CD-CTLOSC - Non-SanctionDevelopers Surety and Indemnity Company vs. HPI Contracting Inc [E-FILE]
02:00 PM37-2018-00049595-CU-OR-CTLDefault Prove-Up HearingPeter C St John vs Sean M Tenant [IMAGED]
Dept.C-75:   330 West Broadway ,San Diego,CA,92101   
09:00 AM37-2016-00032777-CU-OR-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Norma Canales as Trustee of the Norma Canales Personal Trust UDT Dated 9/26/2000 and Norma Canales Trustee of Trust B Residual Trust of the Canales Family Trust UDT Dated 4/30/1992 vs Parker [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2017-00006511-CU-OE-CTLDiscovery HearingJane Doe vs. Southwestern College [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2017-00032379-CU-BT-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Liguori Ventures II LLC vs Sudhir Aggarwal [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2018-00010808-CU-PO-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)RODOLFO M DIAZ vs ZELJKO JOVANIC [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2018-00059264-CU-PO-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Clum vs Jondall [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2019-00023375-CU-BC-CTLDiscovery HearingOden vs General Motors LLC [IMAGED]