CIVIL CALENDAR For Friday, February 28, 2020

1100 Union Street, San Diego, California 92101, 619-450-7275
330 W. Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101, 619-450-7275

Effective November 5, 2012, the court will no longer provide court reporters in civil matters.To see the full policy and/or to arrange and pay for a certified shorthand reporter, go to the Court Reporter page at information.

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  2203 LASATER, MELINDA J.   904 ENRIGHT, KEVIN A.   C-60                         
  C-61                            C-63                            C-64 MEYER, JOHN S.
  C-65 FRAZIER, RONALD F.   C-66                            C-67 STURGEON, EDDIE C
  C-75 STRAUSS, RICHARD E. L.     
Dept.1902: MAGUIRE, FREDERICK 1100 Union St. ,San Diego,CA,92101   
08:30 AM37-2018-00065124-SC-SC-CTLTrial De NovoAnita Beckmann vs. Rosa Knight [IMAGED]
Dept.2103: BARTON, JEFFREY B. 1100 Union St. ,San Diego,CA,92101   
09:30 AM37-2018-00038829-CU-OR-CTLOSC - SanctionsMartinez vs Kimberling [IMAGED]
Dept.2201: LINK, FREDERIC L. 1100 Union St. ,San Diego,CA,92101   
09:30 AM37-2019-00018336-CU-MC-CTLSettlement Conference (Civil)Palomar Community College vs The Pendergast Law Firm PC [IMAGED]
Dept.2203: LASATER, MELINDA J. 1100 Union St. ,San Diego,CA,92101   
08:30 AM37-2019-00015803-SC-SC-CTLTrial De NovoSandra Punta vs. Ashley N Estes [IMAGED]
Dept.904:  ENRIGHT, KEVIN A. 1100 Union St. ,San Diego,CA,92101   
09:15 AM37-2019-00055172-CU-PT-CTLHearing on Compromise of ClaimPETITION OF DONN [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00058392-CU-PT-CTLHearing on Compromise of ClaimPetition of Molloy [IMAGED]
09:45 AM37-2019-00067883-CU-PT-CTLHearing on Compromise of ClaimPetition of Raith [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2020-00001611-CU-PT-CTLHearing on Compromise of ClaimPetition of C [IMAGED]
10:15 AM37-2020-00003820-CU-PT-CTLHearing on Compromise of ClaimPetition of Rossenfeld [IMAGED]
Dept.C-60:   330 West Broadway ,San Diego,CA,92101   
08:35 AM37-2019-00046179-CL-UD-CTLOSC - Why Case Should Not be Dismissed (Unlawful Detainer)Aimco Prospect 400 LP vs Schwartz [IMAGED]
08:35 AM37-2019-00058455-CL-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceLa Jolla International Gardens vs Tetzlaff [IMAGED]
08:35 AM37-2019-00066115-CL-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceSunset Springs Apartments Inc vs Lewthwaite [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00022525-CL-BC-CTLCivil Court TrialPlaya Mar LP vs Park [IMAGED]
Dept.C-61:   330 West Broadway ,San Diego,CA,92101   
08:35 AM37-2019-00030330-CU-AF-CTLHearing on PetitionThe People of the State of California vs $19,502 [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2019-00037910-CU-PT-CTLHearing on Name ChangePetition for Change of Name of Sullivan [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2020-00007558-CU-PT-CTLHearing on Restraining OrderEmergency Protective Order of Augusto Sioson [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2020-00000180-CU-PT-CTLHearing on PetitionPeople of the State of California vs Bodger [IMAGED]
Dept.C-63:   330 West Broadway ,San Diego,CA,92101   
08:00 AM37-2019-00042193-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialPenman vs Ivester [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2019-00042353-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialBahneman vs Lambert [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2019-00042397-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialSuppa Trucchi & Henein LLP vs Acuna [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2019-00042401-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialSuppa Trucchi & Henein LLP vs Van Paepeghem [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2019-00060528-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialKester vs Portola Senior Apartments [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2019-00060542-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialA-L Financial Corp vs. Robert L Workmon [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2019-00060553-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialA-L Financial Corp vs. Daniel A Vasquez [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2019-00060565-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialA-L Financial Corp vs. Cassy D White [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2019-00060581-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialA-L Financial Corp vs. Randall Quinonez [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2019-00060590-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialChallenge Financial Services Inc vs Cobian [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2019-00060594-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialA-L Financial Corp vs. Dominic N Bullock [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2019-00060598-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialHCI Systems Inc vs. Eddie V's Restaurant [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2019-00060599-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialWendy Miles Prescod vs. Ramzi Murad [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2019-00060601-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialOportun Inc vs Beltran [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2019-00060604-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialOportun Inc vs Espinosa [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2019-00060605-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialThomas Huhges vs. Lorenzo Vicente [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2019-00060607-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialA-L Financial Corp vs Garcia [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2019-00060610-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialOportun Inc vs Olvera [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2019-00060612-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialAdvanced Monitoring Inc vs. Eddie V's Restaurant [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2019-00060624-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialLake Park Terrace Homeowners' Association vs Inns [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2019-00060629-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialOportun Inc vs Nash [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2019-00060633-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialOportun Inc vs Cuevas [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2019-00060640-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialOportun Inc vs Dorantes [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2019-00060642-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialOne Harbor Master Association vs. AP Auto Specialist/ AP Auto Collision Specialist/ Absolute Perfection Auto Collision Specialist [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2019-00060662-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialDerek Falconer vs. Equifax Inc [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2019-00060674-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialOportun Inc vs. Jose S Plascencia Castillo [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2019-00060815-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialDerek Falconer vs. CIT Group [NJ] LLC [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2019-00064747-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialHerrera vs Vasquez [IMAGED]
08:00 AM37-2020-00003567-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialPerez-Cervantes vs RANCHO SAN MARCOS INVESTORS [IMAGED]
01:00 PM37-2018-00063367-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialEulitt vs Synchrony Bank [IMAGED]
01:00 PM37-2019-00008472-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialSandy Eulitt vs. Synchrony Bank [IMAGED]
01:00 PM37-2019-00029055-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialShanara Lennox vs. Tim Kobayashi [IMAGED]
01:00 PM37-2019-00042510-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialMarissa Trilli vs. Alden Darby [IMAGED]
01:00 PM37-2019-00042538-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialRosie Banuelos vs. Ingka Holding B.V. Inc [IMAGED]
01:00 PM37-2019-00045112-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialShevchenko vs Pacific Coastal Properties [IMAGED]
01:00 PM37-2019-00048099-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialWheels Financial Group LLC vs Randall [IMAGED]
01:00 PM37-2019-00054445-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialFleetwood vs Reutter [IMAGED]
01:00 PM37-2019-00060182-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialSusan Robins vs. Robert Bloomer [IMAGED]
01:00 PM37-2019-00060585-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialWendy Miles Prescod vs. San Diego Trolley Inc [IMAGED]
01:00 PM37-2019-00060588-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialMichael Villa vs. Vincent V Tran DDS Inc [IMAGED]
01:00 PM37-2019-00060618-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialCorredor vs Shook [IMAGED]
01:00 PM37-2019-00060627-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialJames Calvanio vs. San Diego Appliance Warehouse LLC [IMAGED]
01:00 PM37-2019-00060636-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialRevelina V Somera vs. Western Towing [IMAGED]
01:00 PM37-2019-00060643-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialEileen Kay McGinnis vs. Jonathan Paul Lovelass [IMAGED]
01:00 PM37-2019-00060655-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialJuan Carlos Chousa vs. Shota Geperidze [IMAGED]
01:00 PM37-2019-00060667-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialAlliance Environmental Group Inc vs. Natalie Duggar [IMAGED]
01:00 PM37-2019-00060669-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialJones vs The Krogers Co [IMAGED]
01:00 PM37-2019-00060670-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialAlliance Environmental Group Inc vs. Mike Cavender [IMAGED]
01:00 PM37-2019-00060671-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialCarolina Banuelos vs. Salvador Torres Banuelos [IMAGED]
01:00 PM37-2019-00060681-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialOportun Inc vs. Luis G Perea Raygoza [IMAGED]
01:00 PM37-2019-00060683-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialPS Business Parks LP a California Limited Partnership vs. Dennis R King [IMAGED]
01:00 PM37-2019-00060699-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialBonsall Unified School District vs. Kristin Browning-Patterson [IMAGED]
01:00 PM37-2019-00060701-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialBrandon Smith-Stephens vs. Corinne Gail Sadowsky [IMAGED]
01:00 PM37-2019-00060838-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialValente Bella Industry vs Services Inc [IMAGED]
01:00 PM37-2019-00060860-SC-SC-CTLSmall Claims Court TrialCameron Stout vs. Carri Stout [IMAGED]
Dept.C-64: MEYER, JOHN S. 330 West Broadway ,San Diego,CA,92101   
08:30 AM37-2018-00001889-CU-PO-CTLTrial Readiness Conference (Civil)Fareed vs Barry [IMAGED]
08:30 AM37-2019-00002815-CU-BC-CTLTrial Readiness Conference (Civil)Mora vs Ocean's Best Seafood Inc [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2018-00038829-CU-OR-CTLCivil Jury TrialMartinez vs Kimberling [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2018-00042325-CU-NP-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)Hernandez vs. Compass Bank [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00042667-CL-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceState Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company vs. Bradford [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00042751-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceJordan MD vs Lyft Inc [E-File]
09:30 AM37-2019-00042885-CU-CL-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceAmerican Express National Bank Successor by Merger to American Express Bank FSB VS Bohannon [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00043156-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceBarakat vs. Subaru of America Inc [IMAGED]
09:45 AM37-2019-00033761-CU-OR-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceJeffrey Barton vs. Alice Keyser [IMAGED]
09:45 AM37-2019-00043212-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceBushan vs Stoneridge County Club Homeowners Association [IMAGED]
09:45 AM37-2019-00043231-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceMahin Nobel Successor Trustee of the Nobel Family Trust vs Wassef [IMAGED]
09:45 AM37-2019-00043570-CU-CL-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceAmerican Express National Bank VS Martella [IMAGED]
09:45 AM37-2019-00047361-CU-OE-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceDanchuk VS Delphi Behavioral Health Group LLC [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00018525-CU-PO-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)Balsley vs Lakeside Union School District [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00034232-CL-MC-CTLOSC - Why Case Should Not be DismissedPerez vs IHS Radiology Medical Group Inc [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00037668-CL-CR-CTLOSC - Why Case Should Not be DismissedJones vs Topi [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00038481-CU-BC-CTLOSC - Why Case Should Not be DismissedNorad Shelter Systems Inc. vs. Chammas [IMAGED]
10:15 AM37-2017-00015241-CU-NP-CTLOSC - Failure to File Receipt and Acknowledgement of Order for the Deposit of Money into Blocked AccountHuiming Wang vs. Felcor Hotel Company LLC [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2017-00026340-CU-PO-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Joan Villarino vs. Kilroy Realty Corporation [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2018-00036757-CL-CL-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)TD BANK USA vs Contreras [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2018-00050921-CU-FR-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Panguinn INC vs Mirokorli [Imaged]
10:30 AM37-2019-00012377-CU-IC-CTLSummary Judgment / Summary Adjudication (Civil)Old Republic General Insurance Corporation vs Evanston Insurance Company [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00018278-CU-CO-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Tryp Technologies Inc vs Brathwaite [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00031852-CU-DF-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Dog & Rooster Inc vs Green [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00032798-CU-OE-CTLDiscovery HearingWalker vs. Total Zen Commercial LLC [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00040417-CU-OE-CTLDemurrer / Motion to StrikeEverett vs Trident Society Inc [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00040417-CU-OE-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Everett vs Trident Society Inc [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00040417-CU-OE-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceEverett vs Trident Society Inc [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00041858-CU-CR-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceCandelore vs HRB Management LLC [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00041858-CU-CR-CTLDemurrer / Motion to StrikeCandelore vs HRB Management LLC [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00044746-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceFavale vs Aguilar [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00049623-CU-BC-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)UTC Venture LLC vs SY2 LLC [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00049623-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceUTC Venture LLC vs SY2 LLC [IMAGED]
01:45 PM37-2019-00030720-SC-SC-CTLTrial De NovoSyed Rahman vs. Hasna Ali [IMAGED]
02:00 PM37-2018-00013566-CU-PO-CTLDefault Prove-Up HearingJacinda Talton vs. Carlen Kelly [IMAGED]
Dept.C-65: FRAZIER, RONALD F. 330 West Broadway ,San Diego,CA,92101   
08:30 AM37-2014-00000699-CU-BC-CTLJudgment Debtor Exam (Civil)Eich vs. Gilbert [IMAGED]
08:30 AM37-2015-00038886-CU-NP-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Croteau vs. Rosen [IMAGED]
08:30 AM37-2017-00049038-CU-PO-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Wise B Allah vs Latham [Imaged]
08:30 AM37-2017-00049038-CU-PO-CTLDiscovery HearingWise B Allah vs Latham [Imaged]
08:30 AM37-2018-00028420-CU-BC-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Soria vs General Motors LLC [IMAGED]
08:30 AM37-2018-00050219-CU-OE-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Delgado Pena vs Siry Investments LP [IMAGED]
08:30 AM37-2019-00006123-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceKelly vs Mycles Cycles Inc [IMAGED]
08:30 AM37-2019-00006123-CU-PO-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Kelly vs Mycles Cycles Inc [IMAGED]
08:30 AM37-2019-00018398-CU-SL-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)MabVax Therapeutics Holdings Inc vs Honing [E-File]
08:30 AM37-2019-00034658-CU-BC-CTLDemurrer / Motion to StrikeGOUGH VS KIA MOTORS AMERICA INC [IMAGED]
08:30 AM37-2019-00050124-CU-BC-CTLDemurrer / Motion to StrikeVogelsang vs Kia Motors America Inc [IMAGED]
08:30 AMB142633Opposition to Claim of Exemption - Levy (Civil)Merchants Recovery Services Inc vs Weitz
09:45 AM37-2017-00014633-CU-PA-CTLCivil Jury TrialSeema Swetlin vs. Lisa Black-Maynard [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2018-00053834-CU-PO-CTLTrial Readiness Conference (Civil)Haubert vs Mission Trails Healthcare Inc [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00014449-CU-CL-CTLTrial Readiness Conference (Civil)Northern California Collection Service Inc vs Downwind 27 Inc [IMAGED]
10:15 AM37-2018-00020781-CL-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceWestlake Services LLC vs Ramos [IMAGED]
10:15 AM37-2018-00047968-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceHenrichs vs Taylor [IMAGED]
10:15 AM37-2018-00056513-CL-CL-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceWestern Wholesale Athletic Supply Inc vs Maruca [IMAGED]
10:15 AM37-2019-00014342-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceCherewick vs PJ Walter INC [IMAGED]
10:15 AM37-2019-00022914-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceSmithey vs Serving Seniors [IMAGED]
10:15 AM37-2019-00035311-CU-OR-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceBURTON VS NOALCA INC [IMAGED]
10:15 AM37-2019-00049215-CL-MC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceElkins vs TransDev North America [IMAGED]
10:15 AM37-2019-00049255-CU-OE-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceTomas vs Ashford Inc [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00006102-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferencePutres vs TC Management Inc [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00047718-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceLuis R Baltierrez vs Nissan North America Inc [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00049225-CL-UM-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceState Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company vs Vargas [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00049488-CL-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceInterinsurance Exchange of the Automobile Club vs Rivera [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00049508-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceBeck vs Camp Pendleton and Quantico Housing LLC [IMAGED]
10:45 AM37-2019-00009291-CU-OE-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceMOORE vs CYDEA INC [IMAGED]
10:45 AM37-2019-00023440-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceINTERINSURANCE EXCHANGE OF THE AUTO CLUB vs Barcelo [IMAGED]
10:45 AM37-2019-00037071-CU-FR-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceHenry vs Alcorn [IMAGED]
10:45 AM37-2019-00049548-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceHabeeb vs Shelby and Sons Inc [IMAGED]
10:45 AM37-2019-00049613-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceNguyen vs Bossert [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2019-00016985-CU-BC-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)Sierra Pacific West Inc vs PCL Construction Services Inc [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2019-00041174-CL-CL-CTLCivil Case Management ConferencePortfolio Recovery Associates LLC vs. Taylor [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2019-00045421-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferencePADILLA vs Sauceda [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2019-00049660-CU-CL-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceUnifund CCR LLC vs Jones [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2019-00049774-CL-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceCity Electronic Company VS Express Solar & Electric INC [IMAGED]
11:15 AM37-2018-00046976-CU-PL-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceRamsey vs Nutribullet LLC [IMAGED]
11:15 AM37-2018-00062320-CL-CL-CTLOSC - Failure to File JudgmentFord Motor Credit Company LLC vs Melendrez [IMAGED]
11:15 AM37-2019-00009858-CU-CO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceSAN DIEGO GAS & ELECTRIC COMPANY Inc vs Via Motors Inc [IMAGED]
11:15 AM37-2019-00034658-CU-BC-CTLOSC - Why Case Should Not be DismissedGOUGH VS KIA MOTORS AMERICA INC [IMAGED]
11:15 AM37-2019-00035333-CU-BT-CTLOSC - Why Case Should Not be DismissedPatten vs Smart and Final Stores Inc [IMAGED]
11:15 AM37-2019-00049988-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceAzurin vs Caasi [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2018-00048649-CU-MC-CTLSettlement Conference (Civil)SARN FITCH VS SANDMEYER [IMAGED]
Dept.C-66:   330 West Broadway ,San Diego,CA,92101   
09:30 AM37-2018-00048372-CU-PA-CTLTrial Readiness Conference (Civil)Cignarella vs Mendoza [IMAGED]
Dept.C-67: STURGEON, EDDIE C 330 West Broadway ,San Diego,CA,92101   
08:30 AM37-2011-00071216-CU-OR-ECCivil Court TrialCartwright Termite & Pest Control Inc vs. Esola Capital Investment LLC [IMAGED]
08:30 AM37-2015-00021309-CU-WT-CTLCivil Jury TrialRichard Horner Jr. vs. Robert Leone [Imaged]
08:30 AM37-2015-00023732-CU-FR-CTLCivil Jury TrialDOE vs. RODMEL [IMAGED]
08:30 AM37-2019-00005430-CU-CL-CTLCivil Court TrialMerz North America Inc. vs. Jennings Staley MD PC [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2018-00004235-CU-FR-CTLDiscovery HearingJacqueline Highbaugh vs Logan Square Housing Partners LP [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2018-00025818-CU-BC-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Shegerian vs Crew Builders Inc [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2018-00036299-CU-BC-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Southland Claims Services INC vs American Transportation Administrative Services Corporation [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2019-00001874-CU-FR-CTLDiscovery HearingSoofi vs Dunne & Dunne LLP [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2019-00004947-CU-BC-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Robotreats LLC vs Reis & Irvys Inc [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2019-00008613-CU-OE-CTLDemurrer / Motion to StrikeMcKay vs Bio Clean Environmental Services Inc [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2019-00008628-CU-OE-CTLDemurrer / Motion to StrikeLEYVA vs CITY OF SAN DIEGO [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2019-00008628-CU-OE-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceLEYVA vs CITY OF SAN DIEGO [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2019-00031787-CU-OR-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceGG Advisors LLC vs Ayon Morales [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2019-00041391-CU-MC-CTLSLAPP / SLAPPback Motion HearingKelly vs Valle [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2019-00044936-CU-OE-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Taheri vs. Canzone [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2019-00044936-CU-OE-CTLDemurrer / Motion to StrikeTaheri vs. Canzone [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2019-00047383-CU-PO-CTLDemurrer / Motion to StrikePrieto vs Thirdsies LLC [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2019-00058762-CU-WT-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Kyrimis v Palomar Health [E-FILE]
10:15 AM37-2016-00026336-CU-FR-CTLTrial Readiness Conference (Civil)Kassab vs Kachi [IMAGED]
10:15 AM37-2018-00039918-CU-PL-CTLTrial Readiness Conference (Civil)Garcia vs Vape Up USA LLC [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2018-00050158-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceBauer vs Imperial Tower Apartments LLC [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2018-00052297-CU-BT-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceDuarte vs Finnie [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00020481-CL-CL-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceUS Bank National Association vs Flores [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00021985-CL-CL-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceDiscover Bank vs Carroll [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00026601-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceZeetoGroup LLC vs Ennoir Media LLC [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00026652-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceChaney vs Poole [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00026680-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferencePorter vs. Rodney Dwayne Burks and Anne Tatolli Burks Family Trust [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00026795-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceMCW Inc vs Coastal Pool Construction Inc [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00027171-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceJosiah Amezcua by and through his Guardian Ad Litem Maria Cantero vs Padilla [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00027815-CL-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceProtax LLC vs.BW America Development LLC [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00031110-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceScott vs Behseta [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00032026-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceJauregui-Law vs Peled [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00037422-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferencePrager vs Garcia [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00047303-CU-OR-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceROMERO vs QUIRARTE [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2014-00042950-CU-OE-CTLOSC - Why Case Should Not be DismissedArtin Nazarian vs Adecco USA Inc [E-FILE]
01:30 PM37-2017-00031474-CL-CL-CTLCivil Court TrialDiscover Bank vs Fagan [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00002963-CL-CL-CTLCivil Court TrialArcadia Partner LLC vs Reyes [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00006654-CL-UM-CTLCivil Court TrialInterinsurance Exchange of the Automobile Club vs Taber [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00015974-CL-BC-CTLOSC - Why Case Should Not be DismissedTRUCK.NET LLC vs Moran [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00016700-CL-CR-CTLOSC - Why Case Should Not be DismissedGay vs Chronic Tacos No 102 [IMAGED]
02:30 PM37-2018-00045119-CU-MC-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)Platas vs Omidi [IMAGED]
Dept.C-68: WHITNEY, RICHARD S. 330 West Broadway ,San Diego,CA,92101   
08:30 AM37-2018-00001209-CU-BC-CTLJudgment Debtor Exam (Civil)Gary Flower vs Ed Forrester [IMAGED]
08:30 AM37-2018-00004467-CL-OR-CTLJudgment Debtor Exam (Civil)Ryan vs. Manneh [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2017-00018285-CU-OE-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)Arturo Vega vs. Scoobeez [E-FILE]
09:15 AM37-2018-00051115-CU-PO-CTLTrial Readiness Conference (Civil)Musarra vs G6 Hospitality LLC [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00003665-CU-CL-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceDonnelley Financial Solutions LLC vs. Taxus Cardium Pharmaceuticals Group Inc [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00024328-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceGreene vs Ford Green Wing LLC [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00026923-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceLacey vs San Diego City Council [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00026923-CU-PO-CTLOSC - Why Case Should Not be DismissedLacey vs San Diego City Council [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00027150-CU-PO-CTLOSC - SanctionsFord vs 33rd Street Vistas Owners Association [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00027150-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceFord vs 33rd Street Vistas Owners Association [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00028771-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceCazares vs City of San Diego [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00032720-CU-FR-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceNorthern Office Products & Office Furniture Inc vs Shapiro [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00032857-CU-OE-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceBeltran vs Culinary Specialties [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00032867-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceCampion vs Le [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00033495-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceBaker vs Phillips [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2016-00042672-CU-PL-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)Diaz vs Nguyen [E-FILE]
10:00 AM37-2018-00025454-CU-PO-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)Church Mutual Insurance Company vs Ramirez [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00009744-CL-CL-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceState Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company vs Lacaze [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00010139-CU-MC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceMalveaux Jr vs. Jones [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00034062-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferencePatten vs Flores [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00034696-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceChandler vs Noffsinger [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00047879-CU-OE-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceKYRIAKIDES vs SUNROAD CV AUTO INC [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2018-00010844-CU-UD-CTLCivil Court TrialCFG Carlsbad LP vs. Nima Arabani [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2018-00010844-CU-UD-CTLSummary Judgment (UD)CFG Carlsbad LP vs. Nima Arabani [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2018-00028497-CU-PA-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Thomas vs Martinez [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2018-00028497-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceThomas vs Martinez [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2018-00033322-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceAndrews vs Metropolitan Transit System [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2018-00033322-CU-PA-CTLSummary Judgment / Summary Adjudication (Civil)Andrews vs Metropolitan Transit System [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2018-00037932-CU-MC-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Hillsborough Development Company LLC vs. IRA Resources Inc [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2018-00050772-CU-MM-CTLSummary Judgment / Summary Adjudication (Civil)Katz vs Scripps Health [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2018-00056595-CU-BC-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Axios Group LLC vs PQ Holding Inc [E-FILE]
10:30 AM37-2018-00061875-CU-PA-CTLDiscovery HearingMontes vs Cartwright [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00002017-CU-PA-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Krueger vs Humphrey [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00022021-CL-CL-CTLOSC - SanctionsBank of America NA vs Mattera [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00022021-CL-CL-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceBank of America NA vs Mattera [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00022021-CL-CL-CTLDiscovery HearingBank of America NA vs Mattera [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00023943-CU-NP-CTLDiscovery HearingLenhof vs Chicken Lisas & Your Mexican Favorites Inc [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00023943-CU-NP-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Lenhof vs Chicken Lisas & Your Mexican Favorites Inc [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00036282-CU-FR-CTLDemurrer / Motion to StrikePirahanchi vs San Diego Gas and Electric [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00036282-CU-FR-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Pirahanchi vs San Diego Gas and Electric [IMAGED]
02:00 PM37-2019-00014461-SC-SC-CTLTrial De NovoYolette Troutfetter vs. Harmeet S Sandhu [IMAGED]
Dept.C-69: BACAL, KATHERINE 330 West Broadway ,San Diego,CA,92101   
08:45 AM37-2014-00043487-CU-PN-CTLJudgment Debtor Exam (Civil)Diane Peters vs. Mona Hilton [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2018-00023632-CL-PA-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)Interinsurance Exchange of the Automobile Club vs Werwage [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2018-00057240-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceLeone vs Hanseen [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2018-00057240-CU-PA-CTLOSC - SanctionsLeone vs Hanseen [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2018-00060632-CU-BT-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)RAMOS vs SUNNOVA ENERGY CORP [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2019-00010682-CU-WM-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)WILLIAMS vs SAN DIEGO COUNTY WATER AUTHORITY [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2019-00025861-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceMatthews vs. Rink [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2019-00025895-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceHart vs Verio Health Inc [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2019-00029005-CL-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceJeoanny Cornejo Gonzalez vs Calvin L Rodriguez [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2019-00029005-CL-PA-CTLOSC - SanctionsJeoanny Cornejo Gonzalez vs Calvin L Rodriguez [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2019-00030049-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceGard vs Santaluz Senior Partners LP [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2019-00030171-CL-CO-CTLOSC - SanctionsDelgado vs Premier Auto Wholesale Inc [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2019-00030171-CL-CO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceDelgado vs Premier Auto Wholesale Inc [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2019-00031103-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceSmith vs. AirBNB Inc [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00034233-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceGALPER vs GERARDO [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00036381-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceCHAVARRIA vs BALANCE AMERICA INC [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00036391-CU-WT-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceREY vs NORTHSTAR SENIOR LIVING INC [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00042373-CU-OE-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceAguilar vs Premier Criminal Defense [E-FILE]
09:30 AM37-2019-00042775-CL-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceState Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company vs Sloss [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00036620-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceRubio vs Ledcor Construction [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00036624-CU-FR-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceCerda vs Okudan [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00036977-CL-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceLABONTE vs REVIS [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00037026-CU-CL-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceNATIONAL COLLEGIATE STUDENT LOAN TRUST 2006-3 VS WEANT [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00037050-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceHIRATA vs CARDONE [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00037119-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management Conference(Pruitt) vs Adams [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2016-00013373-CU-MM-CTLTrial Readiness Conference (Civil)Chalfa vs. Valladolid [Imaged]
10:30 AM37-2018-00037796-CU-OR-CTLTrial Readiness Conference (Civil)Calderon vs. Pelayo [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2018-00063360-CU-CL-CTLTrial Readiness Conference (Civil)Active Network LLC vs Tactic Event Production LLC [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2013-00032847-CU-TT-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)San Diego Unified Port District vs. Pepper Oil Company [E-FILE]
11:00 AM37-2017-00001849-CU-PO-CTLDiscovery HearingTapia vs Parkway Plaza [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2017-00025142-CU-OE-CTLDiscovery HearingJ Cameron Hansen vs. So Cal Dominoids Inc [E-File]
11:00 AM37-2018-00054360-CU-BT-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceLamden Corby vs Lamden [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2018-00054360-CU-BT-CTLMotion to Quash (Civil)Lamden Corby vs Lamden [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2019-00016190-CU-CO-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Medina vs Medina [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2019-00028186-CU-PO-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)SANSEVIERI VS TAPIOCA EXPRESS [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2019-00033563-CU-BC-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)White vs Hyundai Motor America [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2019-00040281-CU-PO-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Gault vs Walmart Inc [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2019-00046435-CL-CL-CTLDemurrer / Motion to StrikeCITIBANK NA vs SYLVESTER [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2019-00048377-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceNORTH vs OLIMSKI [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2019-00048377-CU-PO-CTLDemurrer / Motion to StrikeNORTH vs OLIMSKI [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2018-00026249-CU-PO-CTLSummary Judgment / Summary Adjudication (Civil)Sanchez vs Contreras Curiel Corp [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2018-00044788-CU-OE-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Floyd v. Alvarado Hospital [imaged]
01:30 PM37-2019-00005214-CU-BC-CTLSummary Judgment / Summary Adjudication (Civil)Western Equipment Finance Inc vs Zray Technologies Corporation [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00064505-CU-BT-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Strachota Insurance Agency vs Potter [IMAGED]
Dept.C-70: TRAPP, RANDA 330 West Broadway ,San Diego,CA,92101   
08:30 AM37-2019-00031509-CU-BC-CTLJudgment Debtor Exam (Civil)Balboa Thrift And Loan Association vs GARCIA [IMAGED]
08:45 AM37-2018-00045657-CU-BC-CTLCivil Jury TrialPadilla vs Euromotorworks LLC [IMAGED]
08:45 AM37-2018-00045657-CU-BC-CTLOSC - Why Case Should Not be DismissedPadilla vs Euromotorworks LLC [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2018-00052688-CU-PA-CTLTrial Readiness Conference (Civil)Filippone vs Mussenden[IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2018-00058198-CU-PA-CTLTrial Readiness Conference (Civil)Matcha vs Lord [Imaged]
09:00 AM37-2019-00005513-CL-CL-CTLTrial Readiness Conference (Civil)Discover Bank vs Dizon-Abeto [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00042050-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceCity of San Diego vs. Bryan Travis Bjorndal [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00042578-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceRAHMANI vs MACKEY [IMAGED]
09:40 AM37-2019-00013163-CU-OR-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceFlores vs Janson & Associates Global Consulting LLC [IMAGED]
09:40 AM37-2019-00043817-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceSaunders vs Delgado [IMAGED]
09:50 AM37-2019-00015726-CU-CL-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceAmerican Express National Bank Successor by Merger to American Express Bank FSB vs Gary R Byrnes [IMAGED]
09:50 AM37-2019-00015726-CU-CL-CTLOSC - Why Case Should Not be DismissedAmerican Express National Bank Successor by Merger to American Express Bank FSB vs Gary R Byrnes [IMAGED]
09:50 AM37-2019-00043225-CU-OE-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceKnox vs Panet Fitness Inc [E-FILE]
09:50 AM37-2019-00043252-CU-MM-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceIngle vs Mansour MD [IMAGED]
09:50 AM37-2019-00043735-CU-OE-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceHaro vs Reproductive Sciences Medical Center INC [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2018-00055377-CL-PL-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceMarron vs FCA US LLC [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00043821-CL-IC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceState Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company VS Munoz [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00043837-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceCook VS Barba [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00044049-CU-CO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceKaiser vs Panera Bread [IMAGED]
10:10 AM37-2019-00026079-CL-BC-CTLOSC - Why Case Should Not be DismissedConsumer Portfolio Services Inc vs Nathaniel Rico [IMAGED]
10:10 AM37-2019-00044074-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceHeadway Capital LLC vs Lovering Remodeling & Construction Inc [IMAGED]
10:10 AM37-2019-00044438-CU-NP-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceChiu vs Spire [IMAGED]
10:20 AM37-2019-00031482-CL-CL-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceBank of America N A vs Senita [IMAGED]
10:20 AM37-2019-00044540-CU-CR-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceMcWilliams vs King Fahad Mosque [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2018-00062178-CL-OR-CTLOSC - Why Case Should Not be DismissedCarr vs Vaca [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00008699-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceGonzalez vs Inchaurregui [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00008699-CU-PA-CTLOSC - Why Case Should Not be DismissedGonzalez vs Inchaurregui [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00032117-CU-WM-CTLOSC - Why Case Should Not be DismissedBranum vs Leary [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00041860-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceFacey vs City of San Diego [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2009-00093599-CU-BC-CTLDiscovery HearingBusiness Loan Conduit No. 2, LLC vs. Robin K Cranford [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2019-00020487-CU-PA-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Evans vs King [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2019-00025239-CU-BC-CTLSummary Judgment / Summary Adjudication (Civil)Hylete Inc vs Farmers Insurance Exchange [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2019-00027713-CU-BC-CTLOSC - Non-SanctionHirmiz vs Kalasho [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2019-00027713-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceHirmiz vs Kalasho [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2019-00027968-CU-OR-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Rodriguez vs Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2019-00027968-CU-OR-CTLDemurrer / Motion to StrikeRodriguez vs Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2019-00027968-CU-OR-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceRodriguez vs Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2019-00029117-CU-PA-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Calderon vs Turner [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2019-00029117-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceCalderon vs Turner [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2019-00050190-CU-NP-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Castillo vs American Asphalt South Inc [IMAGED]
Dept.C-71: POLLACK, GREGORY W 330 West Broadway ,San Diego,CA,92101   
08:00 AM37-2018-00059422-CL-CL-CTLCivil Court TrialBH Financial Services LLC vs Rodriguez [IMAGED]
08:45 AM37-2017-00000056-CU-PO-CTLCivil Jury TrialSchaures vs Patterson Dental [IMAGED]
08:45 AM37-2017-00000056-CU-PO-CTLOSC - Why Case Should Not be DismissedSchaures vs Patterson Dental [IMAGED]
08:45 AM37-2018-00043096-CU-PO-CTLCivil Jury TrialD vs Ramona Unified School District [IMAGED]
08:45 AM37-2018-00043096-CU-PO-CTLOSC - SanctionsD vs Ramona Unified School District [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2018-00004472-CU-PA-CTLTrial Readiness Conference (Civil)AHMADI VS Bombardier Inc [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2018-00009594-CU-PA-CTLTrial Readiness Conference (Civil)McKenna vs Beesley [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2018-00051081-CU-OR-CTLTrial Readiness Conference (Civil)Fields vs Dockter [Imaged]
09:00 AM37-2019-00009945-CU-OE-CTLTrial Readiness Conference (Civil)Ruiz vs Orange Family Dental [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2015-00029397-CU-BC-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Tran vs. Thanh [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2018-00016728-CU-BC-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Arhart vs Toyota Motor Sales USA Inc [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2018-00052635-CU-WT-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Abbott vs. WALMART STORES INC [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00017622-CU-PO-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Gage vs Ethridge [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00024213-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceGraham vs Strategic Rescue Products LLC [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00027054-CU-OE-CTLDiscovery HearingChristian Unified Schools of San Diego vs Famber [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00027054-CU-OE-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Christian Unified Schools of San Diego vs Famber [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00045350-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferencePacific Western Bank VS Harry Logistics Inc [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00045350-CU-BC-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Pacific Western Bank VS Harry Logistics Inc [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2014-00031327-CU-BC-CTLJudgment Debtor Exam (Civil)Teeple Hall LLP vs. Kholl [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2017-00044506-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceTSRB PROPERTY LLC V. MICROSOFT MOBILE INC [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2018-00010301-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceMartin vs Weinhaus [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2018-00017996-CU-OE-CTLCivil Case Management ConferencePrice vs AMN Healthcare Allied Inc [E-File]
01:30 PM37-2018-00052882-CU-BT-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceWARE vs TOMMY BOY RECORDS LLC [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2018-00053844-CL-BC-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)Suppa Trucchi & Henein LLP vs Hampton [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00039480-CU-BC-CTLOSC - Why Case Should Not be DismissedZEETOGROUP vs POWER SOURCE MARKETING [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00039480-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceZEETOGROUP vs POWER SOURCE MARKETING [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00039962-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferencePRIOR vs PROMETHEUS LABORATORIES INC [E-FILE]
01:30 PM37-2019-00039962-CU-PO-CTLOSC - Why Case Should Not be DismissedPRIOR vs PROMETHEUS LABORATORIES INC [E-FILE]
01:30 PM37-2019-00040700-CL-CL-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceBarclays Bank Delaware vs Hunter [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00042521-CL-CL-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceDiscover Bank vs Evangelista [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00050225-CU-OE-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceDaugherty vs Targazyme Inc [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00050250-CU-WT-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceResh vs Del Mar Union School District [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00050264-CL-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceAmica Mutual Insurance Company vs Robles [Imaaged]
01:30 PM37-2019-00050401-CL-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceWestlake Services LLC vs Diokno [Imaged]
01:30 PM37-2019-00050536-CU-CL-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceMidland Funding LLC vs Abbasi [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00050834-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceHUMPHREY vs DEXCOM INC [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00050866-CL-MC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceWhite vs Wells Fargo Bank NA [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00050888-CU-FR-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceHowell vs Pecora [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00050983-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceStevens vs Flores [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00051041-CU-OE-CTLCivil Case Management ConferencePerez vs Kaiser Foundation Hospitals [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00051248-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceDominguez vs Lazar [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00051471-CU-PL-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceBURPEE vs MONSANTO COMPANY [EFILE]
01:30 PM37-2019-00051503-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceCruz vs Desilva [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00051638-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceZoura and Ramo Inc vs Ancon Aviation Building Group Inc [IMAGED]
03:00 PM37-2018-00051013-CU-CO-CTLDefault Prove-Up HearingVillarreal vs Does 1 [Imaged]
03:00 PM37-2019-00051515-CU-OE-CTLDefault Prove-Up HearingGarcia VS JPI Constructions Inc [E-FILE]
Dept.C-72: TAYLOR, TIMOTHY 330 West Broadway ,San Diego,CA,92101   
08:30 AM37-2018-00001692-CU-FR-CTLCivil Jury TrialState vs Spinali [IMAGED]
08:30 AM37-2018-00034219-CL-IC-CTLCivil Jury TrialState Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company vs Hinkley [IMAGED]
08:30 AM37-2018-00050351-CU-MC-CTLCivil Court TrialDavid Stewart McHenry Trustee of the David Stewart McHenry and Teresa Lynne McHenry 2000 Trust vs Mission Gorge Automotive [IMAGED]
08:30 AM37-2018-00056891-CU-WT-CTLCivil Jury TrialGhai vs American Cups & Plates Inc [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2017-00030536-CU-MM-CTLCivil Jury TrialCastro vs Kamali MD [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2018-00050768-CU-OE-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceDelgado vs Regency Corporate Living [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2019-00045458-CL-BC-CTLOSC - Why Case Should Not be DismissedElkins vs AT&T [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2019-00068869-CU-UD-CTLTrial Readiness Conference (Civil)Karlovich vs Kaufman [IMAGED]
09:15 AM37-2019-00030937-CL-CL-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceAmerican Express National Bank vs Jenkins [IMAGED]
09:15 AM37-2019-00050189-CL-MC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceGuardado vs Evergreen Pharmaceutical of California Inc [IMAGED]
09:15 AM37-2019-00050443-CU-OE-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceGIVENS SR vs SEA GLASS HOSPITALITY PARTNERS [IMAGED]
09:15 AM37-2019-00050603-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceNeal Electric Corp vs Peter Vander Werff Construction Inc [IMAGED]
09:15 AM37-2019-00050801-CU-EI-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceBaker vs City of Coronado [Imaged]
09:30 AM37-2019-00040133-CL-CL-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceVelocity Investments LLC vs. Carnell R Canada [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00049312-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceRandle vs Sanchez [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00051113-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceSepulveda vs Fike [IMAGED]
09:45 AM37-2019-00051485-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceThe Doctors Management Company vs Chao MD [IMAGED]
09:45 AM37-2019-00051651-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferencePerez vs. Mitsubishi Motors North America Inc [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2015-00041503-CU-BC-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Emerald Alliance Corporation vs. Hartman [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2017-00026432-CU-OR-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Pedroza vs Cervantes [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2018-00013484-CU-CO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceAmeribuilt Construction Inc vs Golv Inc [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2018-00014112-CU-MC-CTLSummary Judgment / Summary Adjudication (Civil)Marks vs City of San Diego [E-FILE]
01:30 PM37-2019-00002024-CU-MM-CTLDiscovery HearingGail L Crawford vs Southern California Permanente Medical Group [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00031237-CL-CL-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceWells Fargo Bank NA vs Korina B Stratton [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00031237-CL-CL-CTLSummary Judgment / Summary Adjudication (Civil)Wells Fargo Bank NA vs Korina B Stratton [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00031255-CU-OE-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Lopez vs PNS Stores Inc [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00037228-CU-CL-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceUSE CREDIT UNION vs GOLDBERG [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00037228-CU-CL-CTLSummary Judgment / Summary Adjudication (Civil)USE CREDIT UNION vs GOLDBERG [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00040719-CU-IC-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Preferred Contractors Insurance Company Risk Retention Group LLC vs Man [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00040719-CU-IC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferencePreferred Contractors Insurance Company Risk Retention Group LLC vs Man [IMAGED]
01:30 PM37-2019-00048731-CU-MC-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)The People of the State of California VS MAPLEBEAR INC [IMAGED]
03:00 PM37-2018-00052643-CU-PO-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Anda vs Kurios Towing and Storage INC [IMAGED]
Dept.C-74: STYN, RONALD L. 330 West Broadway ,San Diego,CA,92101   
08:25 AM37-2017-00038456-CU-BT-CTLDiscovery HearingAlternegy Holdings LLC vs Allman [E-FILE]
08:25 AM37-2018-00016665-CU-PL-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Hill vs POLARIS INDUSTRIES INC [IMAGED]
08:25 AM37-2019-00055960-CU-IC-CTLDemurrer / Motion to StrikePatten vs State Farm [IMAGED]
08:30 AM37-2016-00041095-CU-BC-CTLSummary Judgment / Summary Adjudication (Civil)Vanessa F. Martinez vs. Ford Motor Company, a Delaware Corporation [IMAGED]
08:30 AM37-2018-00026166-CU-PA-CTLSummary Judgment / Summary Adjudication (Civil)Cooper vs Hollands Custom Cabinets [IMAGED]
08:30 AM37-2019-00013325-CU-PO-CTLDemurrer / Motion to StrikeEmrani vs Goodman MD [IMAGED]
08:30 AM37-2019-00015516-CU-OE-CTLSummary Judgment / Summary Adjudication (Civil)Lopez vs The Regents of The University of California [IMAGED]
08:30 AM37-2019-00062397-CU-MC-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Animal Protection and Rescue League Inc vs Ramirez [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2018-00024698-CU-OE-CTLTrial Readiness Conference (Civil)Sparks vs East Village Tavern LLC [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2019-00006958-CL-IC-CTLTrial Readiness Conference (Civil)State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company vs Esquer [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2018-00008994-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceEscajeda vs City of San Diego [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00043321-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceBecerra vs Fuller Honda [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00050386-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceDrake vs General Motors LLC [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00050558-CU-CO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceSimas vs Fillet [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00050559-CU-WT-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceWilliams vs La Mesa Healthcare Center [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00050826-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceBarrack vs Krueger [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00051033-CU-BT-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceAshford vs Witt [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00051036-CL-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceNationwide Insurance Company of America vs Quinones [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2016-00024369-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceAbsolute Solutions Inc vs. Michael Markopoulos MD Inc [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2018-00044203-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceTapia vs Gamez [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00018432-CU-CD-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceHulse vs Whiz Builders Inc [EFILE]
10:30 AM37-2019-00032642-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceKalon Construction vs Capital Fitness Group LLC [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00051271-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceRafail vs Dale [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00051292-CU-OE-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceSpriggs vs Ortiz Corporation [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00051456-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceHOUSE TO HOME REMODELING AND DESIGN INC vs ZELLERS [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2018-00001475-CU-PA-CTLOSC - Failure to File Receipt and Acknowledgement of Order for the Deposit of Money into Blocked AccountLee Speller vs Selvaraj Ramasamy [IMAGED]
11:00 AM37-2019-00041611-CU-BC-CTLOSC - Why Case Should Not be DismissedRosenberg Shpall & Zeigen vs Chiodini [IMAGED]
02:00 PM37-2018-00046441-CU-PA-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Dominguez vs City of San Diego [IMAGED]
Dept.C-75: STRAUSS, RICHARD E. L. 330 West Broadway ,San Diego,CA,92101   
08:50 AM37-2017-00023393-CU-OE-CTLCivil Jury TrialIsaael Barragan vs LNG Logistics Inc [Imaged]
08:50 AM37-2018-00003861-CU-PA-CTLCivil Jury TrialBahena vs Myst Lounge [IMAGED]
08:55 AM37-2018-00015334-CU-UM-CTLTrial Readiness Conference (Civil)Gadinis vs United Services Automobile Association Inc [IMAGED]
08:55 AM37-2018-00063524-CU-PA-CTLTrial Readiness Conference (Civil)Debra Kelly vs Lyft Enterprise Inc [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2018-00019899-CU-PL-CTLSummary Judgment / Summary Adjudication (Civil)De Los Reyes vs Ashley Furniture [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2018-00024544-CU-BC-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Eastlake Professional Center Owners Association vs Lohse [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2018-00024544-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceEastlake Professional Center Owners Association vs Lohse [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2018-00031485-CU-BC-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)PK Mechanical Systems Inc vs Gierlich Mitchell Inc [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2018-00037604-CU-OR-CTLMotion to Quash (Civil)Carmichael vs Washington Mutual Bank FA [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2018-00037604-CU-OR-CTLDemurrer / Motion to StrikeCarmichael vs Washington Mutual Bank FA [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2019-00019777-CL-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceThe Hertz Corporation vs Buckley [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2019-00019777-CL-BC-CTLDiscovery HearingThe Hertz Corporation vs Buckley [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2019-00030571-CU-PO-CTLDemurrer / Motion to StrikeHosmi vs City of San Diego [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2019-00038995-CU-BC-CTLDemurrer / Motion to StrikeDALEY VS KLUNK [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2019-00043748-CU-CO-CTLDemurrer / Motion to StrikeI-Wireless LLC vs Coolpad Technologies Inc [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2019-00049161-CU-FR-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Shahab vs IAA [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2019-00053997-CU-BC-CTLDemurrer / Motion to StrikeGara Group Inc VS iGalen International Inc [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2019-00056150-CU-MC-CTLMotion Hearing (Civil)Associated General Contractors of America, San Diego Chapter, Inc vs. The State of California [IMAGED]
09:00 AM37-2019-00056150-CU-MC-CTLDemurrer / Motion to StrikeAssociated General Contractors of America, San Diego Chapter, Inc vs. The State of California [IMAGED]
09:30 AM37-2017-00033169-CU-BC-CTLJudgment Debtor Exam (Civil)Scan Health Plan vs Lansing Green Energy LLC [IMAGED]
09:45 AM37-2017-00030774-CU-OE-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)Pablo Coss vs Northgate Gonzalez Markets Inc [E-File]
09:45 AM37-2018-00011584-CU-OE-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)Lora vs Northgate Gonzalez Markets Inc [E-FILE]
09:45 AM37-2018-00016487-CU-PL-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)ERITE vs PACIFIC BEACH BIKES INC [IMAGED]
09:45 AM37-2018-00017869-CL-BC-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)The Hertz Corporation vs Quezon [IMAGED]
09:45 AM37-2018-00045290-CU-PN-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)Hughes vs Barger [IMAGED]
09:45 AM37-2018-00059160-CU-BC-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)Helix Electric Inc vs PCL Construction Services Inc [IMAGED]
09:45 AM37-2018-00060720-CU-BC-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)Navy Federal Credit Union vs. Araiza [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2016-00013270-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceKeynote Capital LLC vs. Stelis LLC [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2018-00037604-CU-OR-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceCarmichael vs Washington Mutual Bank FA [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2018-00052118-CU-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceMartinez vs Yuanjun International Inc [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00008681-CU-OE-CTLStatus Conference (Civil)GARCIA vs COURTYARD BY MARRIOTT [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00013548-CL-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceAutovest LLC vs Plata [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00018876-CU-PL-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceRusso vs Bird Rides Inc [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00019409-CU-OE-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceHoward vs San Diego Unified School District [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00028710-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceLE LYCEE FRANCAIS ET INTERNATIONAL DE SAN DIEGO vs Trevin Schall Architect Inc [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00028735-CU-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceRackley vs Uber Technologies Inc [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00029021-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceRobak Jr vs American Honda Motor Company Inc [IMAGED]
10:00 AM37-2019-00029760-CL-PO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceDeLoach vs Bodega Latina Corporation [IMAGED]
10:15 AM37-2018-00065745-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceSummerson-Aguilar vs Volkswagen Group of America Inc [IMAGED]
10:15 AM37-2019-00029221-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceNEWPORT ROAD LP vs BRIAN F SMITH AND ASSOCIATES INC [IMAGED]
10:15 AM37-2019-00029231-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceGalindo vs General Motors LLC [IMAGED]
10:15 AM37-2019-00029258-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceB&M NOBLE CO vs GODDIJN [IMAGED]
10:15 AM37-2019-00029475-CU-CO-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceSuretec Insurance Company vs Gordo [IMAGED]
10:15 AM37-2019-00029493-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceFLORES vs CITIGROUP [IMAGED]
10:15 AM37-2019-00029783-CL-UM-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceAmerican Country Insurance Company vs Wilson [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00029512-CL-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceRand, APC vs Pena [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00029536-CL-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceRand APC vs Peters [IMAGED]
10:30 AM37-2019-00029858-CU-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceDavis vs ODonnell [IMAGED]
10:45 AM37-2018-00044199-CL-CL-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceCapital One Bank USA NA vs Jaramillo [IMAGED]
10:45 AM37-2019-00014196-CL-CR-CTLOSC - Why Case Should Not be DismissedBurnett vs Cold Stone Creamery [Imaged]
10:45 AM37-2019-00016225-CL-PA-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceMcCannon vs Kempa [IMAGED]
10:45 AM37-2019-00023504-CL-BC-CTLCivil Case Management ConferenceBurgoa vs Xu [IMAGED]
10:45 AM37-2019-00023504-CL-BC-CTLOSC - Why Case Should Not be DismissedBurgoa vs Xu [IMAGED]